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Transform Your Store

Dedicated to reporting 100% ad-free, unbiased factual market data, Giftbeat's valuable insights have been guiding  successful independent gift retailers for more than 30 years with an inside look into the top-selling gift real-time.


Eliminate the headaches and stress that come along with running a retail store, and let our reliable gift market data do the work for you!


Get more time back in your day and join a community of thriving store owners using Giftbeat to boost their sales, buying process, and bottom line.

Your Secret Weapon for Retail Success

Buy & Sell with Confidence

Giftbeat tracks the top 10 vendors in 50+ categories from a stable of 300+ reporting stores across the country to bring you the latest (hottest!) top-selling gift items, as well as valuable tips, trends, and advice from our community of successful store owners.

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