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Cover Story

Build Loyalty and Your Tribe Will Follow

By Joyce Washnik When a Nevada retailer won her local newspapers readers choice award for best gift shop for the 14th year in a row, she... Continue reading

Managing Your Markdowns

How To Move Slow-Selling Products The most popular formats for moving slow-selling products among Giftbeat s reporting stores are... Continue reading
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Top-Selling Categories
Giftbeat tracks the best-selling items in the United States in over 50 categories! Our team of over 300 reporting stores share monthly sales data and insight into what product lines are moving off their shelves.

* Message Jewelry
* Message Gifts
* Functional Gifts
* Men's Gifts
* Personal Care
* Wedding Gifts
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* Made In The USA
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* Stationery Accessories
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* Candles
* Home Decor
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* Eco-Friendly
* Kitchen-Related
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* Fashion Accessories
* Personal Accessories
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* Apparel
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