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The Products and Categories Selling Now

Smiling young woman, serving in a gift store.

We asked Giftbeat’s stable of reporting stores what trends they would be focused on procuring this summer and a variety of themes emerged. The of-the-moment product and category trends ringing up sales at cash registers these days include:

Fashion Forward

An emphasis on sourcing clothing and jewelry was mentioned by multiple store owners including an Ohio retailer with two locations who says,

“Our apparel sales are so strong and the margins are good. That is where my focus is strongest.”

Another Ohio retailer concurs, saying, “Apparel is flying out the door! There’s not a lot of backstock to pull from but that’s a good problem to have.”

Functional First

Items that serve a purpose are still very much in demand among consumers who are holding their disposable income closer these days.

“I’m looking for functional gifts at good price points,”

says a Colorado retailer while a Minnesota store owner says she’s looking for, “Useful items and products with heartwarming and funny sayings.” Also on the hunt for products with a purpose is a Wisconsin store owner who’s looking for “home fragrance, self-care and pet gifts.”

Retail Activism

“Our customers are in tune with what’s going on the world, i.e., the war in Ukraine,” says a store owner from Ohio. “This has created a demand for retail activism.”

“I am moving toward more social consciousness in my purchases,”

says a North Carolina retailer. “I’m putting more emphasis upon give-back, made-in-the-USA, environmentally-friendly and women and minority owned businesses.”

Pampered Pooches

Although the category has been around for decades, independent gift retailers typically haven’t had tremendous success selling pet products, but that’s not stopping a handful of store owners from focusing on the product category this summer.


From outdoor toys and pool towels to citronella candles, buyers are concentrated on purchasing items that consumers are looking to buy during the summer months. A New York retailer shares that he’ll be buying more wind spinners than he did last year.

“People are looking for something fun with all the depression around us.”

What will you be sourcing this summer? Drop us a line and let us know

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