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WHAT'S NEXT? - The Hottest Trends for Spring & Summer


Defined by illustrations of vegetables, gardens, garden tools, terrariums and garden sheds the Market trend continues to be strong this year. Design Imports has used trending pistachio and coral tones in its new Market collection. Inspired by farmers markets and featuring trendy fruit and veggie prints, the assortment

includes gorgeous and durable cotton canvas aprons shown here.

An apron and an oven glove, showing farm inspired illustrations: a selection of vegetables and gardening tools.
Cotton canvas apron from Design Import’s Market collection. (

Consumers can’t seem to get enough of bees, bunnies and lemons as these motifs are being offered again in 2022 by numerous suppliers.

Also, as consumers crave a feeling of wellness, the popularity of suns and rainbows is still high.

No matter how much retailers may want to shake it, the Farmhouse

trend, defined by black-and-white buffalo check patterns, retains hold of a significant part of the decor market. Nowadays it just goes by another name: Back at the Ranch, Homestead, etc.

Three quirky vase designs, based on stylized topless women.
Busty Lady Vases from Karma’s 2022 collection (

A celebration of the female form can be found in many collections for 2022 including in Karma’s collection of Busty Lady vases shown right.

Overarching and dominant design themes for 2022 include an evolution of the bohemian gypsy trend or Gypsy Oasis as ADV has named its newest home decor assortment. It’s defined by patterned pottery, tactile textiles (tassels, chenille, embroidery, kilim weaves); rattan and wicker furniture and accent furniture; brass vases, trays and candlesticks; jute rugs and placements; white-washed wood trays and cutting boards;

celestial wall hangings and hanging planters.

A fresh emerging trend takes on a timeless laidback Mediterranean vibe with earthy colors balanced with soft neutrals; raw and warm textures; handcrafted details; simple bright white and neutral linens and naturalgrass rugs. Some notable treatments and product types popped up again and again: rattan and pottery (see above), scalloped edges, ribbed glass, decorative marble and wood links, simple line art and a ton of baskets.


When it comes to what consumers will be wearing this spring and summer, the trends abound: kimonos are still popular as are straw hats and handbags; patches and patchwork. Fringe and embroidery are having another day under the sun while ruffles and smocked tops are simply the sweetest. Trendy pant styles include patterned ankle pants (florals, animal prints, paisley, etc.) alongside simple, solid-colored wide-leg pants (shown below). Shackets and loungewear are still selling, as is a more toned-down tie-dye while camo and animal prints are back for another season.

Lower half of a woman wearing plain, wide leg, cropped pants.
Solid-colored wide leg pants are available for purchase in many fashion assortments. Shown here is the Hilarie Super Soft Bottom from Coco & Carmen. (

This article was originally published in the December 2021-January 2022 issue of Giftbeat.

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