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Supplier Spotlights - Functional Artwork

Image of a Florida themed tea towel resting on a wooden table, surrounded by baking tools and ingredients

takes great pride in creating made-in-the-USA tea towels which can’t be found on Amazon or big-box stores. This commitment to supporting independent stores, in addition to a beautiful product collection, has built the company a loyal customer base in a short time.

“In my home, I have critters running about and I’m always cooking something up!” says company founder Avery who also creates all the artwork.

“Even me painting requires a kitchen towel on the ready! Since kitchen towels are a practical piece of home decor that I use daily, I thought it might be fun to add my artwork to them.” And that’s how the company got its start.

The 27-inch by 27-inch towels are made of flour-sack material and printed in the USA. Pre-washed and pre-shrunk, the towels are also lint-free and 100 percent cotton. The company offers two styles of spinning displayers.

“I want to help other small businesses like me thrive by providing awesome products and stellar customer service,” says Avery.

“I’m a one-woman show, so I know how important connection is.” (

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