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Swing and a Hit

Pop’s Birding Company has a long history of supplying the independent gift channel with innovative hummingbird swings. Captivated by the mystery and behavior of hummingbirds, William Sloan (aka Pops) invented a swing for his yard. He wanted to offer hummingbirds a resting perch which also gave him the opportunity to observe the unique creatures. He placed his swing near a source of food and in between feedings the hummingbirds would stay and swing a little. Pretty soon there were more swings, more birds and a demand among neighbors and friends for their own swings.

It became clear to Pop’s grandkids that an opportunity existed, so they set out on a mission to keep hummingbirds happily swinging and launched Pop’s Birding Company.

The company’s main product offering is the Original Hummingbird Swing, made from a copper and carbon steel frame with a hand-stained wooden dowel. Available in black and brown, the swing retails for $12.90 and is sold with a small screw hook for hanging, along with a hummingbird FAQ card. Other styles and colors of swings are available for up to $25 retail. Customers simply place the swing near a feeder or nectar-rich flowering plant and hummingbirds will use the swing as a territorial perching spot to keep watch over their food source. (

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