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Spring Could Not Come Soon Enough...


February is normally a pretty slow month for most gift retailers but coming off a robust January, where 68 percent of store owners reported year-over-year gains, February’s lacklustre showing was a gut-punch for some.

Albeit the news isn’t terrible. Close to half (49 percent) managed to grow sales year-over-year but that isn’t much consolation to the 35 percent of store owners who experienced declines.

This may be the reason store owners aren’t particularly pumped about hosting spring events this year. Just 25 percent are planning to host more events in the coming months while an even higher percentage (27) are planning fewer events.

Hopefully by the time the sun starts to shine consistently across the country and the flowers start to bloom, store owners will be feeling a bit more refreshed and upbeat.

As it is now, the warm weather could not come soon enough for the businesses battered by brutal wind, rain and snowstorms that dampened hopes of strong February sales.

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