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SHELVES & LADDERS: Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Maximize Your Fixtures

If your merchandising budget is squeezed, stretch your dollars by investing in a multipurpose fixture like a table with a lower shelf. Better yet, add a second surface to an existing table. The result in both cases is more surface space to display merchandise.

Pull Out a Chair

Chairs are the perfect platform for hanging and draping items as well as for stacking. Take your displays to the next level by hanging chairs from walls and ceilings.

Retail product display, with summer hats hung on the wall; a blanket ladder; console table and chair being used to display the stores products.

Off the Wall

Use your walls to create a unique display: hang a collection of hats, placemats, baskets, clocks, etc. Using walls as a surface to display products will also carry the viewers eye into and throughout a tabletop display.

A Step Above

Blanket ladders always look wonderful in displays. Try a tabletop version. They’re a great way to extend your display’s height and allow for easy layering of colors, textures and textiles.

Styling by Leslie Groves | Photography by Will Fournier

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