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Store Owners Share Their Top Market Picks

While inventory may not yet have arrived, there was plenty excitement among Giftbeat’s reporting stores for the lines they sourced during markets.

Wooden towel rack with one printed tea towel on display. The design is a selection of different donuts.

Tea towels from Avery's Home ( are being well received by store owners including a retailer from North Carolina who says, “These tea towels are beautiful. Avery is the artist and she gives back to several causes, specifically those related to the environment.”

Blossom (, a line of lip balms, perfume, cuticle oil, etc. infused with tiny flowers, is doing really well for a Kansas retailer. “I bought it because it’s pretty. Put it on Facebook and sold 10 pieces the first day.

A Maryland retailer shares, “Sari Bari ( and Starfish Project ( have been doing great for us since we brought them in. Both are social enterprises employing women who have been rescued from trafficking. Sari Bari make bags out of old saris and Starfish Project makes jewelry.”

A rear shot of four women walking across a bridge on a sunny day. Each is wearing a handbag across their bodies.

Soruka, a line of handmade handbags and wallets from Spainbased designers which we featured last February, has picked up serious steam. The line was mentioned by half a dozen store owners as easily their favorite show find (

“These purses are my newest popular item!” exclaims an Illinois retailer.

Coasters from Drinks On Me ( was another line mentioned by quite a few store owners including a Minnesota retailer who says, “The coasters are hilarious and I look forward to listening to customers stand and laugh as they read them.” A South Carolina retailer who has the line instore says, “They’re hysterically funny and doing very well."

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