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A Summer Sweepstakes Promotion

Monday, April 30, 2007

Want to make an investment in drawing traffic to your store during summer's slow months? Learn how, from T.J. Reid, author of the recently-released "What Mother Told Ya About Promotions," editor of Fashion Advantage newsletter and retail consultant to the fashion and gift industries.

Because vacations, time spent poolside and hot temperatures discourage summertime shopping, T.J. Reid encourages her retail clients to do a 10-week "Summer Sweepstakes" promotion. Held from mid-June to the end of August, customers sign up for the sweepstakes and receive a card with 10 places that can be punched or initialed once each week. A duplicate card is used on the day the retailer chooses for holding the weekly in-store drawing.

Customers are not required to make a purchase, just to drop by the store to have their cards marked. The benefit? "This promotion has to increase sales because when customers walk in the store they'll be exposed to your merchandise. It's hard to walk in a store, stay very long and not buy something," notes Reid.

The customer whose name is drawn each week gets a $100 store gift certificate if she shopped the store and had her card punched that week. If not, the certificate rolls over to the following week.

"There are two reasons why it's good to have no weekly winner," Reid says. Next week's prize is worth more, and store owners can send out an email or post a note saying "Mary Smith would have received a $100 gift certificate to XYG Gift Store if she had dropped by to see us this week. Mary's money rolls over to next week's drawing which will be for a $200 gift certificate!" Customers are typically good natured about losing out on the gift, Reid says. Stores with privacy concerns could write "This week's winner..." instead of "Mary Smith...," she adds.

Excitement peaked in one store that went four weeks without a winner. "In the fifth week, [the retailer's] business doubled because everybody wanted to be eligible for the $400 gift certificate!"

Editor's Note: This promotion is like a lottery and is legal in almost every state, Reid says. Giftbeat recommends that readers check to make sure this promotion is legal in their states before offering it.

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