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Take Action to Create A Beloved Company

Friday, April 1, 2011

(GIFTBEAT)Jeanne Bliss, author of "I Love You More Than My Dog," provides many actionable goals to help you reach beloved status with your shoppers. For each of the five decisions Bliss outlines in her book, she also gives actions that can be taken right away and often do not cost anything to implement in your business.

  Decision #1: Beloved companies decide to believe. Action: Revamp how you hire start hiring people who mesh with your core values. Action: Create a "kill a stupid rule" movement to show employees you trust them. 

  Decision #2: Beloved companies decide with clarity of purpose. Action: Determine your higher purpose with customers and what drives your decisions. Action: Get rid of legacy industry practices that make you look "vanilla." 

Decision #3: Beloved companies decide to be real. Action: Be a Customer require everyone in the store to do this once per quarter. Action: Get rid of the jargon in how you talk to and about customers. 

 Decision #4: Beloved companies decide to be there. Action: Give your frontline heroes actions they can take to make things right with a customer without asking. Action: Give customers a seat at the table when you design products or change practices in your store. 

  Decision #5: Beloved companies decide to say sorry. Action: Create an action plan that kicks into place when a failure occurs. Action: Establish five very human responses to mistakes.

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