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Last-Minute Ideas For Holiday Promotions

Monday, November 1, 2010


Although it’s November, there is still time to add promotions to your holiday marketing and increase the number of times shoppers visit your store. Award-winning author, retailer and speaker T.J. Reid offers easy-to-implement ideas that can help boost holiday sales.

1. Schedule a holiday open house for your store. You can also set a second party later in December as a last-minute gathering for shoppers.

2. Offer return coupons good for every Wednesday from now to Christmas. Providing $5 off a purchase will keep shoppers coming back rather than trying to sell them everything in one visit.

3. Host easy demonstration classes on topics like how to tie a scarf that will help shoppers feel comfortable with the accessories you sell.

4. Add coordinating gift-with-purchase offers to increase sales of larger-ticket items. If accessories aren’t selling, use them as promotional gifts rather than marking them down.

5. Make sure every item in your store has a price tag. If a clock is on the wall to tell time, or a hutch is used to display smaller items, make sure it is for sale. Nothing in the store should be for display only.

6. If a promotion works, use it again. If an event is crowded and a highlighted product sold out, repeat it. Send postcards letting shoppers know how fast merchandise sold and that more is in stock.

7. Make sure gift-with-purchase rewards are exclusive items that can’t be purchased. Create demand for the item and display it.

8. Sample food if you are selling gourmet products. Offer serving pieces that coordinate with food items as rewards for purchasing a certain amount in that department.

9. Give employees holiday gifts that will benefit both them and the store. Purchasing sweaters for salespeople that serve as upscale “uniforms” will help them and you.

10. Customers do not want to hear sad stories. Never say, “Business is bad” or is “not up to par.” Say, “We are so happy with our holiday traffic,” or “This is our most fun Christmas ever!” Make sure your staff also never reveals any down attitudes about business. If you're happy and your staff is happy, everyone will become happy!

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