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10 Ways To Merchandise Ornaments

Friday, October 1, 2010

(GIFTBEAT)Ornaments remain one of the biggest categories of the fourth quarter, but there are only so many baubles you can fit on a Christmas tree. Chris Tkachuck, Midwest-CBK director of visual display, has written about how to “ornament your life” based on her visual merchandising work for more than three decades. These 10 ideas from Tkachuck’s repertoire will provide new places in your store to add excitement with ornaments — and give shoppers hints for how to enhance their own decor with special touches:

1. Around the table: Small-scale ornaments make elegant wine glass charms. Simply add thin ribbon, tie to stemware and voila! It provides a practical way to help keep glasses straight at a party.

2. On the wall: Revive sconces by swapping candles for glass ornaments or use tree toppers for a unique, elegant look.

3. Enhance tablecloths: Add flat-backed ornaments to the edges of a tablecloth with hot glue. They can serve as both decoration and weights.

4. For windows: Add a tassel ornament as a window shade pull.

5. In plants: Add pizzazz to amaryllis, poinsettias, paperwhites or even house plants by tucking plastic or glass ornaments of the same color on top of the soil around the base of the plant. Take it a step further and create plant picks with ornaments by simply adding wire.

6. At the fireplace: Brighten the mantle or fireplace with ornament-filled apothecary jars and glass bowls.

7. Outside the store: Add clusters of ornaments to your outdoor sign or chalkboard of events.

8. On outdoor trees or your building: Suspend oversized ornaments from tree branches for a dramatic look.

9. In the bathroom: Accent mirrors and towel racks with ornaments.

10. In display furniture: Pull drawers out halfway and fill with ornaments.

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