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5 Tips for Making Social Media Connections

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Creating relationships is essential for making social media marketing effective, profitable and worth your time as a business owner. Melissa Galt, social media marketing expert and author of Social Networking Success Manual: Find Profit and Perfect Prospects with Tools and Shortcuts on Social Networks, offers five essential tips for connecting with consumers on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These tips are taken from her blog at

1. Show a smiling, close-up avatar (headshot) on all your social media pages. Make sure it is in focus and make it the same on every network; congruency counts. The photo needs to be current in case you meet your contact face to face. It would be disappointing and frustrating for someone not to recognize you because your picture is 10 years old [or shows you] 20 pounds lighter.

2. Make the invite personal on Facebook and LinkedIn. Take an extra 20 seconds to send a note about how you know the person you want to connect with and why you want to connect. A personal note means a lot in an age where it is so rare.

3. Be active on the network where you invite people to connect. Even if you are new to Twitter, you should have at least 10 tweets and ones that are not all ads. On Facebook, create regular posts and make sure you are growing your network of friends.

4. Your profile must be complete and visible. Donít invite someone to connect and then make your profile so private that the viewer canít see anything about you. If someone isnít allowed to know anything about you, why on earth would they want to connect?

5. A positive attitude goes a long way, but make this social, not intimate. Donít post what you ate for lunch. Donít share long political rants or religious diatribes. Connections are interested in your talent, your genius, your expertise and finding out the difference you make to others. Find ways to communicate how you make a difference in your business. When you show this, people will want to keep a connection with you and your store.

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