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Stepping Out Of The "Sales Box"

Monday, February 1, 2010

(GIFTBEAT)When it comes to selling, author and speaker Scott Ginsberg suggests stepping out of the "sales box" and telling unique stories that enable customers to buy your products:

I believe customers are sold by stories, not attributes. Stories connect with emotion. It's also about making the mundane memorable. A vintage clothing store in Portland has the best pricetags in the world. They're huge, the size of a half sheet of paper. If they're selling a red T-shirt, they make up a story about the shirt. The story isn't true but that doesn't matter. The pricetags are cool, fun and creative and add something new.

I have a friend who owns a gift store in Indianapolis. She sells antiques, and has a decent following on Twitter. In her 140-character Twitter posts, she includes the item's history, where she found the antique, that it is still as good as new and more.

Ginsberg's company HELLOmynameisScott, LLC advises companies on leveraging their approachability into profitability. You can reach Ginsberg or purchase his double book "Stick Yourself Out There"/"Get Them to Come to You" at

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Practicality makes its mark across multiple charts this month, as 35% of retailers report that Functional Gifts are up, from tea towels to tumblers.

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