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How To Bring Fun Into The Workplace

Sunday, August 2, 2009

(GIFTBEAT)As a store owner, do you buy into the idea that you and your employees can mix fun and work? If so, read on as Bob Pike, chairman/CEO of Bob Pike Group, a Minnesota-based training and performance improvement consultancy—and co-author of the newly released book The Fun Minute Manager, discusses categories of fun, fun-at-work activities and more.

When it comes to having fun at work, Pike divides fun activities into the following categories: recognition of personal milestones like birthdays and hiring anniversaries; fun social events; public celebrations of professional achievements; opportunities for community volunteerism in civic and volunteer groups; stress-release activities; humor; games; friendly competitions among employees like attendance and sales contests; personal development opportunities such as a quilting class or book club; and entertainment.

Pike's book The Fun Minute Manager lists 100 illustrations of fun-at-work activities, adapted from SHRM Research's "SHRM Fun Work Environment Survey." Activities include Bagel Fridays; pumpkin carving or decorated cake contests; finger painting, hula hoop and indoor putting contests; pet days; pajama party breakfasts; summer fitness programs; ethnic food specialties luncheons; and stuffed-animal days.

Pike also suggests surfing for ideas on these fun and humorous websites:;;

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