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Where This Display Expert Finds Inspiration

Thursday, April 2, 2009


When it comes to displays that wow, it takes a lot to impress Michelle Teele. With a merchandising background at Z Gallerie and Anthropologie and as current owner of L.A.-based design and merchandising firm Bird's Eye View, Teele shares some of her favorite merchandisers with Giftbeat readers. Visit one of these retailers, and note the creative ideas that could be reinterpreted in your store displays.

Hands down, Anthropologie stores are where I still go to for inspiration. They always are reinventing and have such a handle on what is trending before it has even hit the mainstream. With Z Gallerie, I like the flow and tightness of stores' displays. They might have 10 vignettes in a store, with each vignette featuring two or three colors. Target's merchandising in its catalog for home and online is brilliant ( Roger's Gardens in Laguna Niguel, Calif. is probably one of the best independent stores I've seen out there (to see a gallery of store displays, log on to And I also like Swoozie's out of Atlanta, which has just started opening up West Coast stores.

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