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The Benefits Of Online Networking

Monday, February 2, 2009

(GIFTBEAT)Business networking sites are also excellent tools for boosting a store owner's retailing know-how. Lynn Switanowski-Barrett, founder of the Boston-based retail consulting firm Creative Business Consulting Group, talks about the benefits offered by various business-oriented online destinations.

To do business networking, join a networking site like If you are having challenges with your business, you can post questions about how other retailers are handling these challenges, or about who's going to gift markets and the trends they see there. Store owners can also be part of a community of users who are active by group type. I'm part of a consulting group, small business group and a group of former retail executives. You can post your store job openings online, too. Plus, the National Retail Federation has online newsletters and blogs that can provide good industry statistics.

Note: Switanowski-Barrett can be reached at (617) 437-9191; Want to be a part of her business network? Invite her to join your LinkedIn network today using this email address.

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