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Tips For "Page-Turning" Newsletters

Thursday, July 31, 2008

(GIFTBEAT)Looking to ensure that your snail mail or email newsletters are real "page turners"? And that the breaking news you're delivering to customers will keep them shopping your store? Shirley Frazier, gift and gourmet industry specialist and president of Sweet Survival, offers these smart suggestions for newsletters:

Include unsolicited tips that buyers share by email, phone or letter. Nothing sells more products than interesting ideas from loyal clients. Be sure to ask for written permission before reprinting comments.

Create a Customer of the Month program. This award is presented to the client who does a good deed or other worthy attribute in his or her community.

Include a problem-solving Q&A column with every issue. This has proven to be one of most important methods to increase subscribers, ensure that the newsletter is opened, and sell buyers on the products and services you offer.

Ask for subscriber feedback by issuing a survey after six months of newsletters. Your survey will include questions about content, satisfaction level, usefulness and new areas to be covered in future issues.

And, for those stores with e-newsletters:

Keep back issues available online within their own archive. The content will prove to be a valuable part of your store's sales and marketing campaign.

Code each newsletter link to track click-through rates and determine which articles and products/services subscribers want most.

Note: You can reach Frazier at 973-279-2799 or Log on to for marketing articles, a free newsletter subscription or to order Frazier's book, "Marketing Strategies for the Home-Based Business" (2008).

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