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Sell Up, Down, Across, Sideways

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What retailer isn't looking for strategies for turning a single sale into a multiple one? Here, Andrea Waltz, co-owner of Portland-based Courage Crafters Inc., offers suggestions for "selling up" to your customers. Waltz's consulting firm teaches organizations how to achieve breakthrough performance in sales, management and customer service. Sell Up, Down, Across and Sideways By Andrea Waltz

You may have heard the term selling up. Well “Lions” (the “Kings” of the retail jungle) do not stop there… they sell up, down, across and sideways! And most importantly, they know that the words “I’ll take it!” mark the beginning of a sale, not the end!

Lions never beat the customer to the cash register, because they follow this rule: The salesperson should never be the person to stop the sale, only the customer stops the sale! They ignore their own mental spending limits and let the customer decide how much is enough.

There are many ways to expand the size of a sale. They are…

• Better… (Higher quality version of same item)

• Bigger… (Larger sizes of the same item)

• More… (Greater quantity of the same item)

• Bargain… (Items with a reduced price)

• Associated… (Items that complete an outfit, system, collection or such)

• Similar… (Brands similar to those a customer likes)

• Required… (Must have items for operation, such as batteries)

• New… (Everyone loves to see what’s new!)

Take a few minutes to walk your store and choose a gift item at random. Looking at the list ask yourself, what could I show that is… Better?… Bigger?… Similar?… Required?… Associated?… etc. Do this for the entire list for at least 10 different items in your store, and you will soon master the art of selling Up, Down, Across & Sideways!

Note: Waltz can be reached at (800) 290-5028 or

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