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“I paid for my house with Beanie Babies.”

 “Crocs and Webkinz paid for my current building.”

“I could’ve put my kid through college with Silly Bandz.”

As a gift shop owner, there’s nothing better than riding a hot trend all the way to the bank. And these are just a few of the hot items Giftbeat reader have jumped on over the years to make money and give their customers the gifts they want to purchase.

Sure, these trends seem like a no-brainer now, but back then when they were new, it was a tough call. Many retailers missed out or came in too late.

That’s because if you’re an independent retailer, finding that new trend can be difficult and costly. One wrong decision and you’re stuck with inventory that can’t move.

Find out how Giftbeat can help you stay ahead of the pack each month!

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The Fashion Accessories chart embraces the footwear category this month, from DM's Two Left Feet line to Snoozies to Simply Southern's socks.

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