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Selling To Today's Busy Customer: Displays, Pricing, Sales Tips and more!

Price: $29.95

Learning how to attract busy customers is a big challenge. But it doesn't have to be. With this Special Report, you'll discover small display changes that can have a major impact, the best ways to navigate pricing in the digital age, why likability can help make your business profitable and much more. Filled with easy and cost-efficient ideas you can start using right away!                                  

Marketing for Today’s Mobile Customer: Email, Facebook, Pinterest and more!

Price: $29.95

Marketing to today’s busy and distracted mobile customer is a big challenge. But if you do it right, it can have big rewards. The trick is to discover where your customers are online and connect with their needs and wants. That’s why you’ll want to get your hands on this special report. You’ll discover the best ways to navigate social media and target your emails to find new customers. You’ll know the right things to post to enrich your customers’ shopping experience. You’ll learn how Pinterest can help make your business profitable. It’s easy to market online when you know the secrets. Let our experts lead the way! Filled with lots of tips you can put into practice today!

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  • Spring/Easter
  • Fabric-Themed
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Candy/Gourmet
  • Jewelry $10 & Up
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Plush
  • Made In The USA

With Fashion Accessories up for 52% of our reporting retailers, note the new additions to this month's chart, including Snoozies, Mona B and Socksmith.

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