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Giftbeat: The "best money I ever spent in this business" 

“At the beginning of the year, I actually had some money left over for a change so I decided to finally spend it on a GIFTBEAT subscription — something I’ve been thinking about doing for several years. It’s the best money I ever spent in this business. I look forward to my new issue every month as I always find something I can use.

For example, one morning, a customer was looking for a collegiate “talking bottle opener.” I’d never heard of the product. But then I read my GIFTBEAT issue and there was the talking bottle opener. I was able to call the manufacturer and place my order immediately.

GIFTBEAT stays on top of the trends better than any other trade publication I’ve seen — which is good for Best of Times, a trendy card and gift store. GIFTBEAT is also very well researched, reported and edited. (And this from an English major who spent more than 20 years making a living in the journalism and public relations fields.) Thanks for such an excellent, helpful publication. Please keep up the good work."

Nancy Robinson
Best of Times
Wichita, Kansas