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A True Story…
How Giftbeat Helped Me Through the Difficult Years

Giftbeat — both the newsletter and the online forum — has been an incredible resource for me over the last several years. The newsletter not only keeps me abreast of trends and top sellers, it often leads me to lines that I hadn’t found on my own, like Oak Patch Gifts, a great find for fourth quarter.

The online forum has done so as well, most recently with the lilypad lid line from Charles Viancin. Through the forum, I have also been able to initiate personal relationships that have helped to foster me and my business through the last few difficult years.

I really feel part of a ‘community’ with my fellow ‘GB-ers,’ and know that I can reach out and get expert advice from them on any business issue. Get a subscription! It’s worth every penny and then some!

Julie Apone,
Carolina Lily
Salisbury, North Carolina