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Give Your Store’s Visuals A Fresh Start

You don’t need endless square footage — or money — to create exciting visuals in your store, says Seanette Corkill, founder of Frontdoor Back, a design and visual merchandising consultancy focusing on Main Street retailers. Color, texture, design and the right props can create new energy. Continue reading

On Instagram Yet? Why It’s Time To Jump In

If you haven’t added Instagram to your 2015 marketing plan, you might want to rethink your strategy: The photo-sharing site has more than 300 million monthly active users, up from 200 million just a year ago. Due to faster-than-expected growth, Instagram surpassed Twitter to become the second-largest social network in the U.S. Continue reading

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Can you say spring? The lingering cold didn't stop retailers from selling their brightly colored Spring/Easter products, from bunnies and birds to garden flags.

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