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Whoís Keeping Score? Your Customers

Even if they donít know it, your shoppers are keeping a scorecard on your store as soon as they hit the parking lot. Itís only natural, says Anne Marie Luthro, principal of AML Insights, a retail strategy agency. Luthro is a shopper-focused retail expert who studies the effects of store environment on the shopping experience. Continue reading

Showrooming: Use It To Your Advantage

Ever notice customers in your store carefully checking prices on their phone? If so, they are probably showrooming, using your store to look at merchandise they want, then walking out and purchasing it elsewhere, most likely online. Itís a frustrating scenario, but shop owners generally agree itís important to remain calm and cordial. Continue reading

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If you're wondering what's hot for spring fashion, the answer is scarf vests! The one-size-fits-all accessory is retailing for stores, with high marks for DM's selection.

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